Loving Kindness Yoga:Loving kindness focuses on how to offer the “metta” meditation of loving kindness throughout your yoga practice and extending this into to be at your best mindfully for yourself and others.  LKY includes breath practices, mindful yoga movement connected with breath, guided imagination, and “yoga nidra” or deep sleep-a powerful relaxation activity. 

Mindful Yoga for Veterans at Eastern

Connecticut State University.

Free classes offered at Veteran's Center starting in September

2015  Wednesdays at 3PM!

Yoga for Stress Management at Mansfield

Community Center!

Starting in September 2015 Thursdays at noon!

 Mindful Yoga for Veterans at Manchester Community College!

This course will help veterans find calm and peace for body and mind, and to then develop these
tools and use them for a lifetime of strength and resiliency. Mindfulness techniques include yoga poses, breath work, relaxation, guided meditation, and meditation. Both veterans and their significant others are welcome. Students may bring a meditation mat or learn the exercises in a chair. Please note: This course meets at MCC on Main, 903 Main St., Manchester.

CRN 31945 | Fee; $85
8 Wednesdays | 9/16-11/4 6-7PM|

Dr. Nanette Tummers

The Positive Professor

Get a sneak peak at our upcoming seminars: 

Sitting is the New Smoking! Just how bad is it that we sit most of the day? Think you are off the hook because you work out?

Find out how being sedentary during the work day, commute and at night can reek havoc on your health.

Explore and be ready to apply in 2015, ways to get off your seat! There are countless ways--learn how!

Yoga for Emotional Well Being Learn how to manage your mood with simple yoga postures, breathing activities, affirmations.

Feeling stressed out and anxious at work or all the responsibilities at home---lethargic and blue?

Yoga has withstood the test of time as a holistic hands on system of self care.  Learn how to apply this amazing system to your life

right now and whenever you need to be your best: focused and present!

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​I was the morning keynote speaker at the CT American Pediatrics Association in March 2015!